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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  January 30, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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to prevent a cave in. >> and the contractor over the weekend ignore that had notice. >> have you talked with the company about that? what is the city position with regard to ignoring that order? >> obviously when it is issued it's illegal to continue with the work and they can be subject to a fine and penalty. and this is cal osha on site needed a copy of our stop work notice. >> inand ektor says cal osha is on site and arrived within the past four, we expect the body of the 37-year-old still unidentified kor pen ter will be recovered. i've been talking with police and they will not comment and say they that it is up to the city's building inspector to speak for the city and you can
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imagine the police department are looking hard in this case. >> investigators recovered an unconscious woman from a burning apartment. crew arrived and found smoke and flames coming from a second floor unit at clayton creek. they pulled one woman from the unit. she's now in critical condition. >> when the victim was found she was not breathing and was transported to the hospital and cpr. >> they're investigating how this happened. this is the second major fire in the complex this month. one unit badly damaged january 6. >> a bizarre set of circumstances end ended with a death of a pedestrian this morning. it started with a routine traffic stop nearly two miles away. >> this accident happened
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here. the victim had one point was riding in a car in alameda. daniel lost his best buddy today in a strange and tragic set of circumstances. this traffic mess is the end result. he says he was behind the wheel, his friend and two other passengers war long for the ride. he was stopped by a police officer. >> and he said we was going past the speed limit. >> police say he had a suspended license. it was just before 5:00 in the morning in this residential neighborhood. four people without a car. >> they were given the option of having the police officers call a cab at their expense to take them to the destination. they declined and then, the individuals were no longer being detained and they were
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sent on their way. >> we live far. so we had to walk. >> they ended up two miles away walking along the edge of doolittle drive. just after 6:00 a driver ran into a 42-year-old arnold james, killing him. >> and then, i heard someone yell. i seen the guy pull up behind us with a busted windshield saying he hit someone back there. >> it's a tragedy. no question. it's tragic. >> and. >> he emphasizes the four were left in a well lit and safe area after declining a cab. >> authorities trying to figure out what to do about the problem of public drunkenness and rowdy crowds downtown. nine people were arrested for
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fighting among them, two brothers. a 23-year-old and 20-year-old. and they're accused of beating a man in a parking garage around 1:30 sunday morning and another fight broke out in a nearby restaurant. police had to use pepper spray to control the crowd. >> if people are getting out of bars and they're drunk. >> last week the city council discussed ways to patrol more frequently after hours. >> and hundreds of people arrested and vandalism at city hall this weekend. dozens tried to break into the vacant convention center saturday and more than 400 people were arrested after protestors vand yool yalized the ymca building.
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and oakland interhim police chief claims officers only took after after being attacked first. protestors are hoping to gain support of law enforcement. >> some of us think they're cool z they're upset about with the 1%. and so if we can merge together, military will have to check. >> city hall reopened and leaders say they may begin stay away orders and the occupy vandalism cost oakland $2 kblinl so far. >> caught up in the chaos, six journalist who's were arrested by police right along with protestors. kristin payne was covering a march when they got boxed in by police. say the say they identified reporters and thoughed office -- showed officers
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press credentials but were arrested. >> he did a pat down, asked if i had weapons i said no, i'm a reporter he he made an interesting clip saying that might be the most dangerous of them all. >> saying we've been issuing orders all day. implying that i zrnt a right to be on this supposedly illegal march. >> the kgo reporter released after 25 minutes but mother jones reporter spent an hour in jail. the department apologized for arresting theme and job shunters got a chance to try to impress a dozen companies today in a job fair. 11 companies including ikea and hospice of the east bay were accepting applications. >> it's a much better year
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this year than the year before. but coming off reserks you know, rear rebounding. >> and another hire event will be held tuesday, and we have address for you on our web site abc 7 look under see it on tv. >> and this is interesting aichl study finds federal government workers tend to get paid mer than those working in the private sector. a report released today says the civilian workers were paid 2% more than those in the private sector but much depends object level of education. with a high school education earned about 21% more. and those with a bachelor's
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regular earned roughly the same. and with a master's degree or higher earned less. and commerce department reports incomes of americans rose more in december than previous mine month buzz americans are still hesitant to spend extra catch. more people save income. >> a scare for passengers on a southwest flight into denver international airport. the flight just arrived from los angeles whit knocked over a light pole in denver, passengers had to be bused from the plane. >> ordinary americans got to hangout with the president today online. the president appeared in a chat room and took one
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question. >> what is the plan to help students pay off student loobs? >> every college can think about are think additional ways they can hold down costs? what we're going start doing is providing additional dollars to school that's have come up with ways to keep costs down. some schools are saying you can get a degree in three years. that saves you a year's worth of tuition. >> most questions were about jobs and the kme. one texas woman expressed frustration because her husband has been out of work three years. >> former editor of a magazine is getting $30 million to stanford and columbia universities to fund an innovation lab and says one of the partnerships inrighting engineers developing the next big google or yahoo with journalists. up to six grants per year will be given to students with tech
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ideas worthy of develop oomt and coming up, shredding driving stereo types. where one are outperforming men. >> and a bay area city cracking down on stores police say are serving as safe havens for drug deal autos one of the popular hair salon treatments fesses up to a health hazard that comes with it. >> in the accu-weather forecast center, there will be clouds but no rainfall.
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you can see >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. san francisco city attorney filed lawsuits against two markets accused of working as save havens for drug dealers. authorities this moshing say
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owners of markets helped facilitate illegal drug sales. this is the result of a two year under cover investigation led by the police department. >> they're solid and better off without these irresponsible business autos the two lawsuits allege store yorns violated multiple sections of the drug abaitment act. the store owners say they called police whenever seeing drug activity but say it doesn't do good. a new federal rule limits mosquito fogging has people worrying the west nile season could be severe. it's designed to protect certain waterways. officials say mosquitoes have risen early from hibernation. and scientists across state are meeting this week to
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discuss restrix autos a company making hair product known as bra stillin blowout being forced to shell out money to california agreeing to pay $600,000 in fees and penalties. the state filed suit when two smoothing products were found to give off for mauled hide gas. and the products are brazilian blowout smoothing solution and professional smoothing solution. and michael fin swree here with the latest on 7 on your side. >> right. and there are colleges bending rules to get more students in? >> yes. this is we're in the throws of an education crisis we're learning they're admitting thousands of students who don't make the grade.
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this is called admission by exception. and the uc system is increasing it's admission by exception program business 60% and where do students come from? out of state and internationally, which means they pay more. 23 officers aadmitting 40% fewer and nir numbers are still close to 2300. >> there is a local cal kids who are qualified are somewhere though just don't have demand. question is do you just leave space empty? >> and uc merced is among those who struggled to attracted students and education advocates say exception students are often more closely scrutinized and judged on quality and can't
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always be measured by grades and scores. >> and phishing has been a bad guy for trying to trick you out of your information with phony fake e mails. nair good at the scam. millions are lost every year. and there is now google working together to combat the scams forming an organization to design a system to authenticate e mails from legitimate businesses. the company behind efforts are proposing a system that is keeping track. and i'll let you know when progress is made enough that you can have added protection. >> dirtiest thing in a hotel room is the tv remote. guests do all kinds of things with hands, then use the remote. it's gross. now there is help.
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a guide to install tvs and internet service and two million hotel rooms issued a free app. down load app you may never have to touch the hotel room remote again. it aturns -- allows iphone to turn it on and off and there is information about the hotel and these guys have their services and 85% of the hotel rooms. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> and a new study out out of the uk can reshaib shape stereo types finding women have better spaishl awareness and take longer to park and scored higher at finding a pace space. and men were found to be more
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confident nir driving skilgs. >> and they are found they never doubt their wrong. >> and ones are know are awesome driver autos they are. and i never park without asking the nearest woman how to get into the space. and good evening. and should i do weather snou okay. i shall. here is a live look. looking at the setting sun what a beautiful western sky. there are clouds and lots of blue and orange there are lots of clouds around today and some continued to move into the skies it doesn't look like
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we're going to have any quite a while. there is 54 in oakland and there is a antioch, our warm spot. mostly cloudy skies and we'll see a mix of clouds and sun and clouds lingering. sunny skies and mild with some spring like weather. there is a not likely to get any rainfall and we're just going to have dry conditions continuing. and there are tomorrow, into tomorrow night and into wednesday morning it stoorts clear out wednesday morning. and mildest weather coming later in the week. overnight tonight will be mild. cool spots and lows dropping
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into upper 30s in santa rosa and fairfield. there is a low of 39. there is some areas of fog. by afternoon, sunny skies and highs into low 60s. there is 60 degrees in palo alto. mid to upper 50s on the coast and around san francisco, we'll see a range from 55-57 degrees. there is highs into low 60s tomorrow. and there is 62 in santa rosa. highs into upper 50s and there is just a degree or two milder inland east bay around 60 degrees and 61 in walnut creek.
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near monterey bay, low 60s as you move away from the bay. 62 in salinas. here is the accu-weather forecast. thursday is groundhog day. and it's going to be mild with highs reaching into upper 60s to almost 70 thursday, friday and saturday. and then, dry pattern just going on. >> yes. >> thank you. >> and still ahead dentist used a common office product for root canals leaving patients with infections. >> a bay area woman puts a doll collection up for bids but gets the silent treatment from the auction house. string that's michael finney pulled to get her her money. we'll be right back. irir
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a mass dentist who used paper clips to do root canals was sentenced today, got two and a half years in county jail. he used them for steel posts in root canals and was convicked of medicaid fraud for filing false claims, he's going serve one year in jail and his dental license has been suspended. >> and current and former foster children rallied today in sacramento. they're asking for help navigating a maze of higher education. california youth connection is asking lawmakers to fund college counseling for foster youth attending uc system. they say they need it because they lack a support system
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many peers relie on. >> we're pretty much on our own that. is it. you know? we're teenagers for crying out loud. we're not equipped to make life changing decisions ourselves. we need someone to guide us. >> only about half of the foster teens finish high school and only 5% that have group goes on to complete a college degree comparing to 27% rate among the general public. >> and coming up here next asking price for a president's old car. might get sticker shock. >> oscars are approaching for the best videos blogs and buzz just log on to abc's exclusive site
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new tonight at 6:00 mobile technology that allows pg&e to
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sniff out a dangerous gas leak leak. also a pill that could prevent the aids virus is raising new concern concerns and a ad campaign about owe to appear in bart cars. >> thank you. >> and are you in the market for a new car? how about president obama's old one? it's a gray chrysler sedan. >> senator obama traded it in for a hybrid. he says he had to quit driving it when the president was elect sod low mileage. >> and good to be president. >> that is going to do it for us. world news is coming up next. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time and hope to see you again at 6:00.


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